It is a traditional Chinese method that can get rid of musculoskeletal pain, stomach upsets, chronic respiratory diseases and push the vitality and energy.

  • Moxa is a special bar and the therapist help with it to warming up and relax of some selected body parts.

  • Moxa strengthens the body primarily in the fight against chronic problems caused by cold, exhaustion and insufficient digestion. It has a strong toning effect. It is especially good for the preventive strengthening of the body and the strengthening of health. Especially in the winter.

  • The smell of the wormwood, under which the moxing sticks are made, creates a feeling of relaxation in most people. Wormwood has the reputation of protecting herbs from evil. In folk tradition, sleeping pads were filled for better sleep without bad dreams.

  • When is Moxa used?

    - Excessive sensitivity to cold

  • - Back pain, lumbar pain, sciatic nerve pain, shoulder and neck stiffness, flattened discs

  • - Bechterew's disease - gradual solidification of the spine

  • - arthritis, inflammation of the tendons, stretched muscles, sports injuries

  • - Rheumatic pains that are detrimental to the cold

  • - general health promotion and energy supply

  • - chronic exhaustion, weakness, fatigue syndrome

  • - depression

  • - preventative tendency to frequent colds, immune disorders, obfuscation

  • - digestive problems aggravated by cold or cold food

  • - and many others

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