Reduction and detoxication programs

Reduction and detoxication programs

We offer a three-week detoxication bark combined with ear acupuncture. The goal is to eliminate hunger and to start metabolism.

  • For those who have difficulties with losing weight, we offer a combination of the detoxification treatment and ear acupuncture, which is aimed to combat the feeling of hunger while assisting with improving the metabolism. The price of this treatment and the conditions under which we offer it are staying the same this year. The first visit, which consists of a Chinese diagnostic and full body and ear acupuncture, is priced at 1000 Kč. In the following two sessions, completely free of charge, the needles are replaced or supplemented and the ear lobe is cleaned. Any further application of ear acupuncture is then priced at 300 Kč.

  • Prior to the administration of the needles, the patient is examined for other health problems, and consequently the complete detoxification treatment is issued. The treatment is based on drastically limiting the intake proteins and carbohydrates, but conserving the daily intake of minerals, vitamins and fibers, which the body needs in order to function healthily. Whilst on this diet, some permanent needles are administered to the ear lobe region and for the stimulation of the points that support the metabolism and simultaneously suppress the appetite. The results are very effective, especially when the patient combines the weight loss treatment with lymphatic massages aimed at toning the skin and reducing cellulite. Undergoing this relatively gentle process has the effect of losing approximately 6kg and after the body is detoxified, it is recommended to convert to a special menu, aimed at developing healthier eating habits and keeping the weight loss permanent.

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