About us

In accordance with principles of TCM we are focusing on the root of the disease and endeavoring to solve them.

Nature care clinic is a centre of natural medicine and Traditional Chinese Medicine. We are specilizing in a holistic treatments. Our clients are mainly people with post traumatic injuries, back pain, joint pains, infertility and other problems including civilizational diseases. Very effective is to use natural medicine whilst battling additions such as smoking, alcohol or drug addiction or weight loss.

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History of Nature care

  • Founder of Nature care, RNDr. Lenka Romanová attended the International College of the Oriental Medicine in East Grinstead, West Sussex and after completing 4 years of study in Chinese Medicine and Acupuncture in 2001, I achieved my advanced post graduate clinical certificate at the People's Military hospital in Beijing, China.

  • She founded a centre of a Traditional Chinese medicine called Nature care clinic in Prague 2. During past ten years we have been helping to many clients resolving various health issues. Our team of English speaking therapists take care of clients from different origins and backgrounds.

  • As the demand for our services increased, we had to open the new part of our centre and hire more therapists in order to provide high quality service. Occasionatelly we are organizing courses, workshops and Qi gong exercise.

Price list

  • First consultation ... 1200 CZK

  • Next session ... 650 - 800 CZK

  • Cancellation fee ... 500 CZK

  • Weekend and evenings after 19:00 ... 800 CZK

Teraputic sessions are possible only after the booking online or calling the reception. We are not a drop in clinic. It is important to cancel or reschedule the appointment 24 hours prior the session. In case that client fail to turn up for the appointment without a proper excuse we will charge a cancellation fee.

In case of a late arrival our appointment can be shortened accordingly.

We accept Soxeco, Accor or Benefity vouchers. You can also buy Gift certificates for our services.


Dr. Romanova, her staff and colleagues always took great care of me. Because of my treatments at Nature care, my allergies are almost non-existent now.

Melissa Sadowski (by FaceBook page)

Dobrý den, jen jsem Vám chtěla napsat, že po vymizení modřin mi opravdu ta bolest v kříži povolila. Děkuji moc za pomoc. Určitě se brzy zase objednám. Preventivně:-) Ještě jednou děkuji a přeji hezký den.

M. M.

Dobrý den paní Romanová, v příloze posílám fotečku naší dcery Zuzanky. Narodila se 18.2.2012, vážila 3260g a měřila 50cm. Vydržela v bříšku do 41. týdne těhotenství, asi se jí u mě líbilo, a nebo se nechtěla narodit do arktických mrazů. /má také ráda teplíčko jako maminka :-) Porod proběhl bez problémů a byl krásný :-). Chtěla jsem Vám moc moc moc poděkovat, že jste mi pomohla, že se dnes můžu radovat a užívat si každou chvilku se Zuzankou. Je to opravdu nádhera. Jsem moc šťastná.

Hanka J. z Č.Budějovic