What is traditional chinese medicine?

What is traditional chinese medicine?

Traditional chinese medicine, or TCM, is one of the approaches to helping people with health problems.

  • Traditional Chinese Medicine defines health as the ability to create and maintain inner harmony. It dates back over 3000 years and has developed continuously over the course of time.It consists of an acupuncture, Chinese phytotherapy (herbs), Chinese massages, special exercises Qi Gong together with the diet and lifestyle adjustments

  • How does Chinese Medicine work?

    Traditional Chinese Medicine is based on a holistic view of the person. The focus is not on the illness itself, but on treating the whole person and their life energy. The life energy or Qi (pronounced “chee“) regulates all the body’s functions. If there are health disorders, the Qi is blocked and the energy out of balance. In Traditional Chinese Medicine, it is simply a matter of finding and treating these blockages.

  • What can TCM help with?

    TCM can help to cure many different ailments. It helps to solve digestive disorders, diabetes, skin problems, alergies, colds and flues, cough, headaches and migraines, gyneacological disorders such as irregular and painful menstruation, infertility, hormonal imbalance, psychologic issues related to stress, tendinomusculat disorders and pains and aches.